beaconsmind AG, a Swiss SaaS provider in location-based marketing, announces the listing of its shares on Euronext Access+ in Paris

Zurich, Switzerland, February 10th, 2021, beaconsmind (ISIN: CH0451123589 – Ticker: MLBMD), a SaaS provider in Location-Based Marketing (LBM) for retail chains and the optimization of customer loyalty, today announced the listing of its shares on the Access+ segment of Euronext Access market in Paris to support its global commercial expansion and increase its access to capital and investors.

Location-based marketing transforming the in-store shopping experience

beaconsmind enables retailers with a physical store network and a customer app to increase their sales through location-based marketing: local, personalised messages, offers and other interactions that are sent via the retailer’s mobile app directly onto the mobile devices of customers in store.

beaconsmind outfits retail stores with bluetooth beacons to locate and identify customers. Then, beaconsmind integrates seamlessly its proprietary Software Suite with the retailer’s systems. This allows retailers to have a brand-new type of interaction and communication channel with their customers, location-based couponing, and marketing campaigns.

Retailers’ marketing teams use the Software Suite to design high-performing campaigns that transform the in-store shopping experience. This is achieved thanks to the large amount of data captured by the beacons via customer`s phones and analysed in the Suite: in-store shopping behaviours, purchase history, average basket size, physical and digital customer paths, etc. The Suite further enriches the customer data already owned by the retailer and enables more actionable customer segmentations and activation campaigns that can be measured.

Such real time and personalized interactions with customers via their phones (or smart watches etc.) boosts in-store basket sizes, buying frequency and, in the end, customer loyalty. All those key retail metrics allows for a fast break-even on the costs of the beaconsmind solution.

Max Weiland, Founder and CEO of beaconsmind says: “Since 2015, the founding date of beaconsmind, our innovative technology, combining software and hardware, has rapidly established itself as one of the leading solutions for location-based marketing at the point of sale, particularly in the retail and consumer goods. These commercial successes reflect the relevance of our approach based on the seamless integration of our solution, directly to our customers’ pre-existing platform. Our long-term collaborations with prestigious brands renewed year after year for more than 95% of them, attest of the high and rapid return on investment of our solution.

The listing of beaconsmind on Euronext Access+ in Paris is an important milestone in our strategy to become a global standard. Today our solution is live in over 20 countries, not only in Europe but also the Americas, China, Japan, the Middle East, and we continue to expand rapidly. With the listing, we benefit from higher visibility and credibility through transparency. This will certainly support our efforts in gaining new large clients. We expect in 2021 an extraordinarily strong growth thanks to our anchor client’s global roll-out, as well as a positive EBITDA. The latest financing round of c.3 million CHF raised during our listing process on Euronext is enabling us to strengthen our sales teams, accelerate the acquisition of new clients, as well as support the worldwide roll-out of our historical clients.

Our strong technological edge on both hardware and software, our asset-light model enabling a high profitability and the high recurrence in our revenue will enable us to attract further financing from investors specialising in technology and disruptive trends.

In today’s omnichannel world, retailers must make their stores more exciting and embrace digitalisation. This is a critical point which must be addressed, and our solution integrates digital features to allow our clients to interact with their customers at the right time, and in the right place. Marketing cards have been reshuffled and the possibility of contextualized interactions, provide new triggers for consumer commitment and loyalty.”

Informations on the listed shares

beaconsmind shares are listed for trading on the Access+ segment of Euronext Access market in Paris as of today, February 10th, 2021, in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
• Market: Euronext Access Paris
• Segment: Access+
• Name: beaconsmind AG
• ISIN: CH0451123589
• Ticker: MLBMD
• Number of shares: 2’108’884
• Admission price €23 per share
• Market capitalization at admission of €48,504,332
• First day of trading: February 12, 2021
• ICB classification: 10101020 – Consumer Digital Services

Partners of the operation

About beaconsmind

Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, beaconsmind is a pioneer in the field of location-based marketing (LBM) software for retail chains. beaconsmind helps retailers run successful location-based marketing campaigns. By fitting stores with bluetooth beacons that precisely locate and identify customers, and by integrating its Software Suite, beaconsmind opens up a brand-new channel for retailers to interact with their customers, fundamentally transforming the shopping experience. Thanks to its solution, retailers can converge digital and physical shopping and address the convenience gaps of each.

beaconsmind has been awarded with different prizes since inception that support its outstanding product, technological edge, and customer-oriented approach. It was awarded Best Enterprise solution, Best-In-Store Solution and Top Retail Supplier by Retail Europe. It won as well a Microsoft BizSpark Plus Program sponsoring in software services from Microsoft.

Industrial German conglomerate OSRAM through its corporate ventures arm (Fluxunit) acquired a stake in beaconsmind in 2017.

beaconsmind’s BLE Track-Adapter Beacon installations and software solution helps local and global brands to offer their customers an interactive and unique in-store shopping experience.

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Max Weiland, Founder & CEO

Media Relations
Nicolas Merigeau, NewCap

Investor Relations / Strategic Communication
Louis-Victor Delouvrier, NewCap

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