Keep an eye on your store sales. With customized reporting dashboards displaying the KPIs and metrics that matter most to you.

Real-Time Customer Analysis

Track your customers’ revenues, items purchased and average basket values in the Suite. Make instant use of data points such as favorite products, shopping times, return visits and much more.

Push Notification Campaigns

Motivate customers to visit your store by creating push notifications using the Push Notification Campaign Management. Activate your customers locally or globally – all that’s needed are a few clicks.

Push Notification Editor

Setup and ongoing push notification campaign management: the beaconsmind Suite features a push notification generator for creating and managing push notification campaigns.


Find out where your customers spend lots of time. And which areas of your store do they visit less often? The heatmap function will help you understand your customers’ instore movement patterns better.

Hardware Management

Local customer communication instore and nearby. Beacons allow us to localize app users in your store or nearby for targeted communication.


On demand for you means that you are the first to see your bestselling products, know your VIP customers and understand what your customers want. For us on demand first and foremost means: creating a competitive advantage for your company through instant data interpretation and recommendations for action.