The end-to-end solution for location-based services in retail:
comprehensive customer understanding for an exceptional customer experience.

EINSTONE Smart Retail

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EINSTONE Smart Retail

EINSTONE beacon technology is the basis for a variety of innovative location- based applications integrated into the existing lighting technology. With OSRAM EINSTONE, you can achieve impressive results in retail:

The EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution offers you the intelligent combination of digital customer loyalty program, location-based marketing and the connection to CRM and POS systems. This will allow you to increase your revenue and the brand loyalty of your customers. Furthermore, you will create the ideal circumstances for custom omnichannel marketing.

EINSTONE Smart Retail

Together, OSRAM and beaconsmind offer the complete solution for location-based services in retail:
Comprehensive customer understanding for an outstanding customer experience.

Intelligent customer analyses are at the heart of the EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution, allowing a holistic view of the customer. You can use the EINSTONE Suite, for example, to and answers to the following questions:

  • What is the buying history of an individual customer?
  • Which campaigns were shown to the user?
  • Which vouchers did the customer use?
  • Which stores did the customer visit?
  • How long did she or he spend in the store in question?
  • What product preferences does the customer have?
  • Which customer segments are meaningful?
Four steps to the EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution


Installation of EINSTONE beacon functionality in the lighting infrastructure. Possible integration with different CRM and POS systems.

Mobile app

Development of a smart- phone app or integration into the retailer’s existing apps based on a Software Development Kit (SDK).


Intuitive campaign management in real time with the EINSTONE Suite:

push messages, vouchers and more.

Data analyses

Offine, online and mobile data are integrated intelligently and made available in the EINSTONE Suite by means of a web dashboard.
Your benefits

Increased sales 

Specific purchase recommendations and location-based marketing campaigns increase sales and the average shopping cart as well as return visit rates.

Comprehensive customer understanding 

The EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution will help you to understand your customers better – thanks to the intelligent combination of of ine, online and mobile data, such as visit rate, favorite products and buying history.

Omnichannel marketing 

You can use the merged offline, online and mobile data for integrated marketing measures. The digital customer loyalty program creates an additional marketing channel to the customer.

End-to-end solution from a single source 

The EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution offers you a unique combination of digital customer loyalty program, location-based marketing, CRM/POS data and maintenance-free beacon infrastructure.
As an end-to-end solution provider, we support you with the following services:

Analysis and consulting

  • Strategy consulting and development
  • Training for managers and employees
  • Technical specification


  • Design and development of mobile applications
  • Integration of CRM/POS systems
  • Installation of the beacon infrastructure

Data evaluation and recommendations

  • Data evaluation and reports
  • Explicit recommendations for action
  • Campaign management with the EINSTONE Suite

EINSTONE constantly powered beacons

  • Stable, low-maintenance beacon infrastructure
  • Beacon hardware integrated into lighting systems
  • Beacon management system
Together, beaconsmind and OSRAM are developing the next generation of innovative location-based services.