iBeacon Services

We are happy to provide operational support for the deployment of iBeacon Technology. Starting with hardware procurement and configuration to on-site installation and implementation of the SDK to enable your mobile app for iBeacon Technology.

We customize our services according to your specifications. As an iBeacon full-service provider we manage all operational processes and offer consultation as well.

iBeacon Hardware and Configuration

Working together with 9 different iBeacon hardware providers allows us to remain independent. We manage procurement based on partner pricing and the configuration of of reach, frequency and locality of the iBeacons in our beaconsmind Suite.

On-Site Installation

We define the retail stores and instore areas for iBeacon deployment as part of your iBeacon strategy. This serves as a basis for our team to configure and deploy the right amount of iBeacons on-site. For global projects we work with a sub-contractor who is in charge of iBeacon deployment and maintenance.

SDK Implementation

We enable your mobile app for iBeacon communication by integration our SDK (software development kit). In case your app already has an SDK, we customize it.

Use of the beaconsmind Suite

We connect your iBeacons, mobile app, POS/CRM and cash systems with our software, the beaconsmind Suite to ensure the successful use of iBeacon Technology. You can use the beaconsmind Suite to create and send push notifications and to merge data from different sources in one place. This is what digitalization means to us.

Data Storage and Analysis

iBeacon-specific data about user and shopping behavior, visits or visit times and heat maps can be tracked via the beaconsmind Suite. Dashboards and customized reporting help you make sense of your data.