Good business relations also include strong partnerships. beaconsmind works with various partners covering different specialties to be able to serve you better.

Partnerships enrich the business world. Our solutions are relevant for a variety of client requirements and have the potential to expand your current product portfolio to increase value for your clients. Let us explore opportunities together. You can find our most important partners below.

Goldbach Group AG

The Goldbach Group AG is a listed company and publishes advertisements along all electronical media. As a neutral saleshouse Goldbach brings added value to its clients. beaconsmind was the first company to join the Goldbach Digital Media Accelerator in 2016.


Since September 2015 beaconsmind benefits from the Microsoft Biz Spark Plus program and can use up to $ 120.000 worth of sortware credits to expand the beaconsmind technology. In context of the Microsoft Go-to-Market Services beaconsmind benefits from further advantages in the form of networking and know-how.


The EINSTONE Smart Retail Solution offers you the intelligent combination of digital customer loyalty program, location-based marketing and the connection to CRM and POS systems. This will allow you to increase your revenue and the brand loyalty of your customers. Furthermore, you will create the ideal circumstances for custom omnichannel marketing.

Swiss Start-Up Factory AG

The Swiss Start-Up Factory AG is a swiss incubator which supports young businesses in monetoring and coaching. Since 2016 beaconsmind is participating in the accelerator program in which we benefit from contact networking, know-how and employee mentoring.


Unacast PROX is the #1 platform connecting beacons and other proximity sensors to online marketing platforms. In Partnership with Unacast we´re able to offer among others local retargeting solutions to increase the added value of our technology for our clients.