POS Purchase Behavior

Track the shopping behavior of your customers at Point-of-Sale (POS)

In the past, customer data generated offline in retail stores (Point-of-Sale) could often times not be linked with online eCommerce data. This is now possible. We gather and consolidate offline POS data in our Suite using iBeacon Technology.

Purchased Items

Learn more about the products that your customers love to buy. Sizes, amounts, colors, product lines and much more is available at customer-level for on-demand analysis.

Customer Loyalty

How loyal are customers to your brand? Track brand loyalty using KPIs such as average store visits, return visits and dwell times.

Retargeting Customers

Visiting customers are measurable. Increase the re-visit rate of those customers by sending attractive deals wich are tailored for each individual. Inside the beaconsmind Suite you can monitore your most important KPI`s to increase revenue.

Motivation to Purchase

How do you increase your customers’ motivation to make a purchase? The necessary data is available in the beaconsmind Suite for you and your team to derive smart marketing measures.