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Increase your sales, revenue and customer loyalty at point-of-sale & online shop

beaconsmind Suite

Full-Service Solution
for Location-Based Marketing

Run successful location-based marketing campaigns to increase customer loyalty, revenue and sales at point-of sale and online shop.

Fashion Retail

Drive customers into your stores more often with personalized, location-based push notifications based on visit and purchase history.

increase foot fall

create a personalized shopping experience

50% of shoppers visit a point-of-sale after receiving a local push notification

Shopping Malls

Get customer feedback at the right time and increase the rate of return visits

increase customer satisfaction

get instant feedback

up to 2x higher participation than email/store surveys


Motivate your customer to buy more on the spot

increase sales and revenues

offer personalized deals based on customers’ purchase history

up to 51% of supermarket sales can be attributed to promotions

Gas Stations

Incentivize customers to make a purchase at point-of-sale when getting gas

increase sales and revenues for convenience store sales (non-gas purchases)

strengthen customer loyalty

increase the rate of return visits


Use location-based alerts and push notifications to communicate with passengers instantly

increase passenger satisfaction

85% of passengers carry a smartphone

95% of passenger want to receive an alert upon arrival about the status of the luggage


Increase customer engagement

gain loyal Social Media followers through local promotions

boost customer satisfaction in the right place

engage with customers to promote services and offers


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