beaconsmind Suite

Full service solution
for Location-Based Marketing

Run successful location-based marketing campaigns to increase customer loyalty and sales at point-of sale and online shop.


Focus on metrics
that matter

Keep an eye on your KPIs and metrics that matter most to you. Integrate your CRM/cash desk or other third-party systems you already use at POS with beaconsmind.

POS Analytics

Get to know your customers better, track sales and revenues and view your key performance indicators at a glance.

Conversion Funnel

How successful was your last campaign? Use our conversion funnel to understand, analyze and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Top 10 Lists

Who are your top 10 customers at store X? How much revenue do your 10 bestsellers generate? Find out with our fully customizable Top 10 Lists.


Customer Analysis

Track the local footprint of your customers. Revenues, items puchased, average basket values. Make instant use of data touch points such as favorite products, shopping times, return visit and much more.


Push Notification

Activate your customers locally or globally by sending out push notifications.


Push Notification Editor

Setup and ongoing push notification campaign management: the beaconsmind Suite features a push notification generator for creating and managing push notification campaigns.

Customer Segmentation

Created highly targeted push notifications based on custom criteria such as visit and purchase history.

Target Locally

Create and manage push notifications to reach customers locally when nearby or inside your store. Analyze campaign results and implement optimizations.

Go Global

Reach customers no matter where they are. Send time-sensitive or action-triggered push notifications.



Find out where your customers spend lots of time. And which areas of your store do they visit less often? Track your customers dwell time and in-store journey. The heatmap function will help you understand your customers in-store movement better.


Hardware Management

Set up your stores with new Beacon hardware and add new stores where you would like to implement Beacon hardware infrastructure – within minutes.

Beacon Inventory

Keep track of all Beacons deployed. Document location and configuration for easy management. Add new Beacons anytime.

Stores and Points-of-Sale

Keep an overview of all your locations that use our solution. Easily enable new locations with a just a few clicks.

Location Management

Monitor Beacon health and see all active locations at a glance.


beaconsmind Track Bluetooth-Beacon

We supply industrial-grade iBeacons, handle configurations and manage all on-site installations.


On Demand Reporting

On demand means for you that you are the first to see your bestselling products, know your VIP customers and understand what your customers want. For us on demand first and foremost means: creating a competitive advantage

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